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Series 600 Aluminum Multi Slide door

Extend living space to the outdoors.

The choice of builders for over two decades, the Volume Program’s Series 600 Multi-Slide Door features moving walls of glass that stack or slide into pockets for extra wide openings that eliminate the barrier between indoors and out.

Thermally broken aluminum and dual-paned low-E glass make the Series 600 energy efficient. Sealed stainless steel ball bearing rollers make it easy to operate, even with large panel sizes. And a 90-degree alternative eliminates a connecting post for uninterrupted indoor-outdoor living.

Start by choosing your configuration. From there, a wide array of options lets you tailor your preferences.

Series 600 Multi-Slide Door features moving walls of glass that stack or slide.

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Product Features


Clean Design

Designed to seamlessly blend into nearly any space, the Series 600 features a 2.5” stile, wide panels, and modern details that allow for more light and glass.

Smooth Operation

Sealed stainless steel ball bearing rollers make operating our doors effortless.

Tested for Durability

Built in the U.S.A., all Volume Program door systems are subjected to air, water, and structural testing and are AAMA- and NFRC-tested and certified.

Climate Ready Glass

Our multi-slide doors feature dual-paned argon-filled low-E glass from Cardinal IG for better energy performance. Pre-applied Cardinal Preserve film protects glass through installation.

Concealed Locking System

The Series 600 Multi-Slide Door includes a hidden stainless steel multi-point lock to secure its large sliding panels, providing additional strength and protection.

Heavy Duty Hardware

For strength and durability, Western Window Systems uses stainless steel hardware for its door systems.

NFRC Values

Access our current NFRC values here for the Series 600 Aluminum Multi-Slide Door.

Less Energy, More Savings

To deliver energy efficiency in a variety of weather conditions, the Series 600 has a .36 U-value.

“They’re the only manufacturer that cares about details the way I do.” - Emilio Locascio, Gemini Development

Sizes and Configurations


Standard Sizes

Standard size systems are available in 3-, 4-, and 5-foot panel configurations at a 95.5” frame height. Oversized systems are available in 4- and 5-foot panel configurations at a 95.5” frame height. Stacking or pocket option. For completely uninterrupted indoor-outdoor living, the Series 600 90-Degree Multi-Slide Door opens up the sides and corners of a room by eliminating a connecting post.

All standard options include a ten-day production lead time.

“They’re the only manufacturer that cares about details the way I do.” - Emilio Locascio, Gemini Development



Standard Size Three-Panel Configurations



Oversized Four-Panel Configurations

“It’s refreshing to work with a company who’s willing to go the extra mile for homebuilders.” - Lexi Hager, Century Communities



Floor Tracks

Water Barrier Sill

Designed for effectiveness in all climates, the water barrier sill’s 1.5” interior leg and weep-hole system safeguards against water intrusion. For additional protection, the back leg of each sliding panel extends into the track to help keep out dust and debris.

Flush Sill

When ease of entry is more important than performance against the elements, our flush sill is the perfect choice. With an interior and exterior sill height of just .75″, it lines up with most interior flooring for a smooth transition to the outside. Weep holes in the track allow water to drain away from the door while the back leg of each sliding panel discourages dust and debris by extending into the track.

Note: The flush sill may be less effective at preventing water penetration than the water barrier sill and therefore may not be appropriate in all climates, conditions, and exposures.



Handles and Locking

Flush-Mounted Handle

The standard option for all Western Window Systems’ multi-slide doors, the flush-mounted handle’s clean, narrow design allows panels to easily slide past each other or into a pocket. An optional keyed cylinder allows the door to be unlocked from the exterior. Finish choices are available in brushed nickel or black.

Premium Handle

Our premium handle features a minimal one-piece design, comfortable grip, and the option of a keyed cylinder that allows the door to be unlocked from the exterior. Finish choices are available in brushed nickel or black. The premium handle is not available on pocketing multi-slide or 90-degree door systems.

“These doors transform the architectural look and feel of the home, enhancing the outdoor living experience.” - Blake Friesenhahn. Scott Felder Homes



Aluminum Finishes

Satin Anodized
Bronze Anodized


Choose high-performance aluminum finishes in one of four color options: Warmtone, White, Bronze Anodized, or Satin Anodized.

Warmtone and White are a polyester hybrid painted finish, meaning the finishing process for the organic coatings conforms to a minimum rating of AAMA-2604. Bronze Anodized and Satin Anodized finishes have a Class 1 rating, the highest and most durable rating for anodized aluminum products.



Install Methods

Install Methods

The methods for installing our multi-slide door are designed to meet the needs of our Volume Program partners and may vary by market.

The most common approach consists of a deep stud wall that usually includes a 2×6 stud framing member with a 2×4 framing member furred on the interior. This creates a 9” wall profile where builders generally center our 6″ track inside. Drywall is wrapped back to the door frame on the interior and the stucco does the same on the exterior.

For builders who want to utilize our multi-slide door in a standard 2×6 framed wall, we’ve developed optional stucco return kits that include a proper return for both stucco and drywall. If a market has a different condition, we can design a custom return specifically for it.




Exclusively designed for our three- and four-panel multi-slide doors, the retractable screen collapses easily and stacks to the side of the door when not in use.

Providing optimal ventilation and flexibility, it expands to the full width of the opening using tensioning cords and precision bearings that provide stability, keep operating force low, and extend product life. Available on door sizes up to 16 feet wide. Screens are mounted on the interior of the door.